14 comments on “The Church of the Nazarene’s Response to Pentecostalism

  1. I was in a large church service (not Nazarene) made up of many nationalities. During a conference a person stood up and gave a tongues message. Someone interpreted that in English. There was no excitment, no hysteria. It was just part of the service which was done this way each week. The next evening of the conference the pastor shared something quite remarkable. A person from Saudi Arabia who was visiting the evening before asked him who the person was that spoke Saudi. The person speaking in this unknown language was doing just that, except this particular person didn’t hear gibberish. They heard Saudi and said it was perfect pronunciation. That same evening another person said they heard fluent German. For myself I just heard gibberish along with probably a thousand others. This may shed some light on understanding what might have happened on Pentacost . The speakers didn’t talk in known languages. They spoke in unknown tongues, but the Holy Spirit created the sound of the actual language needed for those who were listening. This is exactly what happened in the Seattle service I attended.

  2. Hope that the beautiful Church of the Nazarene open itself to all the charisms of the Spirit and lately we are seeing more openess to them including to the gift of praying in tongues more like the way the Christian and Missionary Alliance does without being Pentecostal.

    • From the Board of General Superintendents:

      “It is strongly felt that by ignoring such practices or even supporting them, we are sowing seeds for the divisiveness that has historically accompanied such activities.”

      Historically this “openness” has done nothing but cause division and confusion to the Body. We all know who the author of confusion is, right?

  3. Why do you suppose our founders named themselves the “Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene”, not just the “Church of the Nazarene”? I am a fourth generation member of the Nazarene Church, since my great-grandmother became a charter member at Pilot Point, TX. As a young child I was told about the Azusa Street Revival and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at those meetings as a very powerful move of God.

    • Yes!, good remark, I am a Nazarene, and ask in private to God , if it was a gift from Him, to have it, and He gave me this gift, I am not Pentecostal, the gift is still active today.. there is not verse supporting otherwise… and will be active until the Lord is back..

      • The New testament is in use until revelation events take effects, why to cut many chapters of Corinthians, because it makes uncomfortable some of us, when the members of the first Church spoke in tongues, they treat them as fools, or crazy people.

      • Marcos,
        The leadership of the denomination specifically calls out the modern charismatic practice of tongues as not genuine. Refer to this portion of their statement:

        The gift of tongues is related to the miraculous gift of many language barriers. The people present were astonished because each one heard the gospel being preached in his own native dialect (Acts 2:6, 8). This special miracle was an expression of God’s desire to reach every man everywhere through the spoken and written word. Language is the vehicle of God’s truth.

        We believe that the biblical material supports one authentic gift—a language given to communicate the gospel and not an unknown babble of sounds. It is our understanding that in 1 Corinthians 12; 13; 14, Paul was seeking to prevent the abuse of the authentic gift and condemning that which was spurious and of the flesh. We believe that the religious exercise called “tongues” which is not a means of communicating truth is a false gift and a dangerous substitute. We do not believe in a so-called prayer language.

        We have concluded that what is being practiced and promoted today is not the true scriptural gift and is therefore not to be condoned by our church

    • Phineas Bresee was not a fan of the Azusa St Revival, although I am sure it was a popular subject. He wrote a first-person report in The Messenger “It seems not only to have had at least some of the elements of fanaticism, but to be trying to inculcate such erroneous or heretical doctrines as mark it as not of the Spirit of Truth. The two principal things which are emphasized, and wherein they claim to differ from others, is, that Christians are sanctified before they receive the baptism with the Holy Ghost, this baptism being a gift of power upon the sanctified life, and that the essential and necessary evidence of the baptism is the gift of speaking with new tongues. ” http://www.azusastreet.org/AzusaStreetBresee.htm

  4. Dear General Superintendants of the Church of the Nazarene, I love you with the Love of the Lord, I used to be in the church oof the Nazarene, the reason why I am not is because every time I would address the topic on the indwelling of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tonuges, either I was avoided, or given every excuse in the Book from leadership trying to avoid this subject. In 1998, I walked out of a pawn store on Dixie Highway in Louisville Kentucky. Thirty days prior to that I pawned off my tv and vcr the last two items I owned in my life, my ex wife Julie whom I was married to for 9.5 years literally cheated on me and betrayed me, over the years I Had developed anger bitterness hatred so much hurt by her, thirty days after pawning off my tv and vcr, I had it planned I was taking the revolver that I was going to purchase at the pawn store. While the clerk handed me the revolver my hand got sweaty, I asked the clerk fi I could get my money back. Thankful enough I did with come fees involved The Holy Spirit knew what I was going to do I knew where her and her boyfriend lived still married to her I had it planned I was going over to where they lived and I was going to literally take both of them out. Well the good news as I left that pawn store without the revolver, I found my self praying in my prayer language it was only the power of the Holy Spirit that removed all the bitterness and anger betrayal and kept me from following through on doing what I had set out to do. Speaking in tongues is for all who profess faith n Christ prayer language, the gift of speaking in tongues needs to be followed by an interpreter to edify the body. During the worship service when people are singing it is okay to prayer in your prayer language it is a form of worhip, over the years attending College Church I would find my self praying in my prayer language, my spirit man was saying thanks to the Lord for His help many years ago of what happened to me at that time. JESUS who is the author and finisher of our faith endorsed this very explicit, Mark 16:17 In my name shall they cast out devils they shall speak with new tonuges. My prayer language was developed during my loss when I lived in Louisville Kentucky many years ago. Matthew 3:11, Mark 1:7,8, John 1:32:33,
    Luke 3:16 In the book of Acts 10 :46 for they heard them speak with tongues and magnify God, it is an attitude of worship that is offered up to God It is only for believers that have been redeemed washed in the blood. Your comments above when you say our people should not worship with those that have been filled by the Lord with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues, I can say this from my heart I used to be a Nazarene, this attitude is not displaying the Love of God, we need one another. We need not be baptized with love, we need to be baptized in the Holy Ghost , which the Holy Spirit produces in us the fruits of the Holy Spirit, one of them is God s Love thus in the Hierarchy of my previous denomination where is the Love of God can you tell your people that they should not be filled. Honestly, during that time in my life in Louisville, I could have been easily on death row, or I could have been 6 feet under. I hear very clear not to be in your all services if I allow the Holy Spirit to help me pray in my prayer language, thus I am obedient, but remember If you allow the Holy Spirit to have his way, lives will be changed and transformed from within not without I love you my brethren, when one speakes in tongues it is because the Holy Spiirt has only produced holiness in that life I know it took many years to allow the continue sanctifying process to continue in my life when I went through that event many years ago rasied in the Church of the Nazarene, I thought I was entirely sanctified I learned through that loss in my life, I need to rely only on the presence of the Holy Ghost and fire. Please I urge contend with you do not let the fire of the Holy Spirit go out to many souls are at risk when the holy Spirit is moving people will see their sin and repent if people are not repenting in your church it is only because the Holy Spirit is not there and that solely leans on the leadership. You know God is right not me With Love in Christ Leon Joe Crooks

  5. Finally, my response is since I was in the Church of the Nazarene, it is okay to voice this comment. During the years of 2011-2014, I was writing my pastor at college church Rick Powers during that time I was confessing my faults to a brother doing as the word says. After that completion, it was the fall revival at college church 2013 when Charla had the fall revival, I went down front and Jeff laid hands on me and I began to pray in tongues. In essence what was happening The Lord was filling me with the Holy Spirit and with fire, I knew it was real because deliverance comes from repentance,prayer and when a vessel is cleaned out The Lord fills us with his Holy Spirit. Food for thought, please do not shut out the Holy Spirit, because it is only the Holy Spirit that makes us Holy, that is why he keeps cleansing us daily entire sanctification, I hear it a lot, I hear Old Time Nazarenes say they are sinless, this theology is not found anywhere in scripture. When we say we have arrived we are on dangerous ground please do not shut the Holy Spirit The reason why people back slide is because they are not filled with the Holy Spirit and with fire. We are only made Holy through the Cross, the blood of the Lamb and through the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit, there is none righteous no not one. During the years of 1982-1985, while I attended Mid America Nazarene College, my hidden sin was I took my student loans grant money and every Friday night I would go to strip clubs, massage parlors while I attended a Christian school. I wasted over 20,000 on my bondage in and out of gay relationships. It has taken me a lot of years, to see where I once was and where I am today trust me I need the power of the Holy Spirit to make it. I wish many years ago I had the power of the Holy Spirit in my life yet that was then and this is now. In 1986 til the present only by the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking n tongues, I have been set free that is what it talks about in Romans 6-8. If the religious group shuts down the anointing of the Holy Spirirt people will live in bondage, please from the throne room do not quench the Holy Spirit and with fire. I speak in tonuges prayer language everyday, and it is only the Holy Spirit that produces holiness in me you can not have true holiness without the working and the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Please take heed, more lives with hidden sin will be revealed and healed and able to walk in total deliverance how do I know I once was lost but now I am found. Leon Joe Crooks

  6. I respect the Nazarene Theology, yet my question is how can those dictate you can not allow the Holy Spirit to keep cleansing you when the anointing of the Holy Spirit is flowing. Furthermore, I used to be a Nazarene, when the Holy Spirit cleanses me in Worship, my spirit is offering thanksgiving praise and adoration to my Lord who deliverd me from Homosexuality, healed me from and incurable disease aids, only by the power of the Holy Spirit kept me from taking out my ex and her boyfriend while I lived in Louisville and also only the power of the Holy Spirit kept me from jumping off the 2nd street bridge all the above is verifiable My question to The General Superintendent of the Nazarene who are we to Play God and say that the Holy Spirit cannot empower us and produce in us the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I believe in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit they are only manifested through the presence of the Holy Spirit. How can we be entirely sanctified, entire sanctification means we have arrived when we think we have arrived the Holy Spirit is not welcome in our midst. In the baptism of the Holy Spirit the third person in the trinity the Holy Spirit cleansed me from betrayal anger hurt bitterness almost committed suicide my ex Julie Crooks betrayed me I walked the streets of Loouisville Kentucky amongst prostitutes Homo Sexuals Drug Addicts those that do not believe in the power o the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues, I challenge you to preach against this I you do You will be grieving the Holy Spirit.. I wonder my Nazarene Brethern at College Church if Roger Ratliff would have been filled with the Holy Ghost and with fire with the evidence of speaking in tonuges trust me He relying on the Holy Spirit would have never committed murder to Aleigh Clark sin is dealt with at the cross by the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus baptizes us in the Holy Ghost to empower us to live Holy that is why they call him the Holy Spirit. The gifts are given as He wills it , you do no have to speak in tonuges, furthermore I can say this boldly to tell the people they do not hve to pray in tongues or pray in the spirit I respects you opinion, yet those in leadership and have visited with many Jk Warrick David Graves, in your own religion feel free to tell the Lord not to operate this way now i see why the Lord lead me out of the Church with out the power of the Holy Spirit with out the Holy Ghost in the bookof Acts our religions are in vain. Love you with the Loove of the Lord only by the power of the Holy Spirit. Brother Leon Joe Crooks

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